About US

The story of Banigol began which the experience of 47 years old in the field of flowers and plant, and with the study of the Iranian flower industry, many defects in various areas of the industry were felt (seen). For instance, manufacturers of the country have several problems in productions, which can be attributed to the lack of quality imported agricultural inputs such as seed, seedling and flower bulbs. Manufacturers also do not have the appropriate protocol for planting flowers and plants and we can declare that traditional cultivating is not enough Banigol has decided to support manufacturers in all circumstances

Greenhouse equipment

if you require modern greenhouse equipments to develop your job in the field of agricultural industry, you can ask banigol

Cultivation Consultation on plant and plant types

If you decide to import flowers and plants or build a greenhouse, you can consult the experts of Banigol

Flower and plant clearance

Banigol's complex has begun trading in agricultural inputs with the aim of mechanizing plant products inside the country

Flower tour

in order to enhance the level of awareness as well as cooperation with top companies of manufacturing plants in the world Bani gol's complex hold an exhibition tour for you to attend in the exhibition of flowers and plants held annually in the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Germany with the assistance of outstanding tourism companies

Export and import order registration

Bonigol has been implementing many green space projects in various cities and they are ready to collaborate on designing and implementing green spaces throughout Iran

Collaboration with public and private organizations

The Banigol complex is ready to sign a partnership agreement with state and private organizations

HamidReza Hajitaghi


Seifollah Habibi


Nader Mohseni


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Greenhouse and headquarters Address

Next to the Water Organization, Last Left Channel, Road to Pouinak, Golzar, Pakdasht, Tehran


Scan the image above to see the exact location of the greenhouse and the BoniGol headquarters.